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What does it take to finally start living the life of your dreams? A life that you call purposeful, a life where you are happy to wake up on a Monday morning?

The first step is having a clear VISION of your life. Understanding what would your ideal life really be like, and what would make YOU happy. We are all different, we have different life circumstances, different things that drive us, different passions, talents, values and life stories, so our ideal lives will be different.

The second step is ACTION. This involves mapping out a plan to accomplish that ideal life and taking steps every moment, every day, to make this plan happen!

  • How do I know this?

I did it!  After 16 years of corporate life I completely changed my career to be a coach, consultant and a yoga and mindfulness teacher. And I am living my dream life right now!

  • Would you like to create your Dream Life?

Join this 8-week program! The program will take you from a place of wanting more from your life, but feeling stuck and not sure where to begin, to a place of confidence and clarity of what your ideal life is and how to get there!

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Let’s get on a call together and see if this program is for you and if you are for this program.

You can schedule a free (no obligations!) call on the following link.

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  • How and when?

The program is individually crafted to your personal schedule and is conducted completely online. That means you can join it anytime and from anywhere!

To find out more about the programs, please schedule one on one call with me on the link below or send me an email on

Price & Payment

Price of the live 8 week Creat Your Dream Life program is 599 GBP.

There are some Early Bird Discounts available for the first few people who apply on the program, so worth giving me a call right now!

For any additional information or to process your payment, please feel free to call me on +44 7450 244461 or send an email:

Are you ready to change your life?