What is your true calling?

What is your true calling?

Be honest. When you see a question like this, one part of you really wants to know the answer. We are born, we grow up, we work, have a successful career, pay the bills… But I believe we all ask ourselves this question from time to time. What is my true calling? Why am I here? Is there some higher purpose in life than this what I see around me right now? 

There must be something more to life than this?

My wonderful friend went to a fortune teller a few days ago. Smart, hard working, educated and self aware person like her still needed a fortune teller to add some meaning to her life. To tell her that some day in the future all this will make sense and get better. Most of us sometimes need just to hear that things we are going through will some day get better and make perfect sense.

I admit it. I did it as well 2 or 3 times in the past 10 years. I asked different smart and wise people and fortune tellers to tell me what is my mission, my true calling in life. And every time I was getting almost an identical message: “Your mission in this life is to help people open their hearts…”

Imagine me, a stressed out marketing professional, doing a daily job that had absolutely nothing to do with this mission. And no, I was not a heart surgeon, so could not even take this literally!! It made me angry, frustrated. I had no idea how I could possibly do it I did not even understand what it meant.

10 years fast forward.

I am looking at the faces of my students while we do Loving Kindness meditation. 

I feel the vibration of their happy hearts in the room.

I had no idea!

I guess this is what it meant?

It is possible!

What is your true calling? Do you want to find out?