Online Workshop: Create Your Life Vision and Take Action!

Online Workshop: Create Your Life Vision and Take Action!

What does it take to finally start living a life of your dreams? A life that you call purposeful, a life where you are happy to wake up on Monday morning?

In my own personal experience, the first step is to haves a clear VISION of your life. Understanding what is really your ideal life, and what would make YOU happy. We are all different, we have different life circumstances, different things that drive us, different passions, talents and life stories, so our ideal lives will be different. Not everyone wants to live on the beach, right?

 The second thing after that is ACTION. This involves mapping out a plan of how to accomplish that ideal life and taking steps every moment, every day, to make this plan happen!

This is what this workshop is all about. Understanding your own unique life vision and mapping out your steps on how to get there.

In the workshop I will lead you through the process that I used to completely change my career. From a stressful office job that was making me unhappy, to completely changing my profession, becoming a coach and a yoga teacher, travelling, living on a beach, but overall just feeling so much happier and fulfilled in my life!

This workshop’s aim is to take you from a place of wanting more from your lives and your careers, but feeling stuck and not sure where to begin, to a place of building confidence and clarity in what your ideal life is and creating a plan on how to get there!

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